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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Year Love Cards

New year celebrations begins from new year eve of 31st December night when everyone get ino the mood of enjoying wine, dine, dance, party, get-together and lots of sharing. Couple celebrate their love for each other by either partying at some special new year theme parties or in their bedroom by love making. So, set your mood to take your dear partner into the dreamworld of kisses, hugs, cuddles, romance and love activities. Forward any of these new year love cards to turn them on and on.
Free New Year Love eCards Happy New Year LoveCards
New Year Love Cards

Japanese New Year Cards

Japanese new year is also named as shogatsu or oshogatsu in Japan, celebrated every year on 1st January same like Gregorian calendar. Japan welcome new year by partying, vacations, decorations, fireworks, special new year food (toshikoshi soba), get-together and other activities. Japanese people follow their tradition and custom of using red color in various things, bonenkai parties, Omisoka and exchange Japanese new year cards also named as Nengajo.
Free Japanese New Year Card Japanese New Year Greeting Cards Japanese New Year Cards

New Year eCards

Set your mood to send warm and best wishes for the coming year through our free gallery of new year ecards making your wishes more sweet, personalized and speedy to reach far away people within seconds. Get in touch with your dear buddies on this special new year celebration time with wine and dine to enjoy every moment of your get-together.
Happy New Year eCards New Year eCards
Free New Year eCards

New Year Business Cards

New year is celebrated with great craze at all places and with everyone who love celebrations. Business sector consider to be part of every biggest event and pray for good luck in their business from God. Likewise, businessmen hope to get more profits and growth of their business empire in the coming year. They encourage their employees, associates, investors, clients, customers, outside parties as well as the internal management to feel previliged and cared off for being part of the business group and look forward for their continous touch in the yead ahead. For the same, they circulate new year business cards as a warm note of best wishes for all associated with the business.
Business New Years Cards New Year Business Greeting Cards
New Year Business Cards

New Year Fireworks Cards

New Year is a biggest event of the calendar when the whole World get into the mood of celebrations and fireworks. Set the black sky at night with colorful sparkles of fireworks and shooting stars to welcome brand new year. Give a fantastic glowing look to your laptop or desktop screen with any of these new year fireworks cards.
New Year Fireworks Greeting Card Happy New Year Fireworks
New Year Fireworks Cards

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nengajo New Year Cards

Nengajo is a name for Japanese New year card which is celebrated with great traditions and is based upon various animals for each other. Nengajo new year cards are posted by people to reach their dearones during first week of the new year holidays. Even post-offices are instructed to deliver all cards of Japan on time to reach at their destination. Nengajo New Year Cards
Nengajo Cards Nengajo New Year Greeting Cards

New Year Flower Cards

Flowers and their fragrance add freshness to the environment and whole celebrations. Even flowers are used as decoratives to add grace to the venue. You can send lovely flowers as a gift of new year to your dearones to make their year ahead a refreshing year of the decade. Spread the spirit of New Year by sending bouquets of flowers along with New Year Flower Cards.
Free New Year Flowers eCards New Year Flowers
New Year Flower Cards